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News Flash!

Hell fucking yeah! and bloody zombie Jesus! Mommy Sez No is on the current Bubblegum Slut Issues Compilation CD.

Uber Rock review

"Horror movies and trashy rock 'n' roll - two of my greatest pleasures. So, when the Mommy Sez No album arrived boasting songs written for the movies 'Terror Overload : Tales From Satan's Truckstop', 'Klownboy : Circus Of Gore' and 'Stamgo! (Super Tromette Action Movie Go!)' and citing influences as cool as NYDolls, Thunders, Cooper and Dahl, the Stones, Pistols, I was as close as I could get to heaven.....if that place ever existed...... A terror trio so macabre that one of their members is called Evil, Mommy Sez No play "punk 'n' roll or horror rock or whatever you wanna call it" and 'Hotwaterburnbaby' is their second release since they formed in the Summer of 2007 in St. Paul, Minneapolis If you love Z-grade movie escapism, gutter dirty rock 'n' roll, Rue Morgue magazine and songs sung by drowned mass murderers, then this album is for you. C'mon, there has to be somebody else out there like me?!? Black heartedly recommended. "